Greater London

Overall Average Salary £58,960

Advanced Professional

Advanced professional £90,134

Male: £95,997
Female: £77,755

Professional £54,979

Male: £57,829
Female: £50,228

Managerial £50,654

Male: £50,211
Female: £51,014

Operational £38,165

Male: £38,065
Female: £38,230

Tactical £29,164

Male: £33,100
Female: £26,977

We are seeing much more demand in the private sector, for permanent heads rather than temp support. This has been most prominent in the IT category space. Whilst there are many IT Category specialists out there in the London market, its about identifying the strategic skill-set rather than tactical purchasing which often makes up the bulk of the talent. 

As a result of this skill being in high demand, we are seeing people in the IT category being paid up to £70k for a non-managerial role in this space. 

With the upcoming changes to IR35 in April 2020, my estimate will be an increased requirement with candidates in the Professional Services/ Temp Labour category, in order to mitigate risk and help to formulate a company strategy going forward for the next year. As a result we are working with our clients to understand what support they can get from Hays as a recruitment partner for their overall temp workforce population. 

A skill shortage remains in the public sector procurement market, and this is enhanced due to an ongoing mismatch between candidate’s salary expectations vs. employer’s salary packages available.

Current demand is strong with Procurement Officer and Manager level roles.  The market is moving away from category focused roles and we are seeing requests for generalist experience. The exception would be the construction category where specific category experience is highly sought after.

There has been a deliberate government move to relocate departments away from central London to areas such as Canary Wharf/Stratford/Croydon – this is creating movement through employees who don’t want to commute to these areas

Kate Langham - Private Sector and Erinna Dixie - Public Sector

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*The five competency levels are taken from the CIPS Global Standard and represent core skills and tasks identified at each advancing stage of the profession.